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About DealRoom.

DealRoom is a deal pre-screening and showcase platform to ease the challenge of finding creditable investable deals within Nigeria thereby guaranteeing a steady stream of deals accross the country. With Nigeria poised to become Africa’s biggest economy, the investment opportunities in the country are not only attracting the interest of the international investment community, and private investors in Nigeria, but also members of Nigeria’s significant overseas Diaspora, keen to be a part of the country’s remarkable growth story.

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We invite you to join Investors and Entrepreneurs DealRoom, to access our pool of over 300 businesses and participate by way of direct investments in equity, debt or hybrid, you will also have the opportunity to meet with the Business owners, founders, promoters and managers. DealRoom promises to provide ease of access to deal flows across the country and networking opportunities.

  • Training And Mentoring
  • Investors Forum
  • Due Dilligence
  • Board Generation
  • Identify Growth Companies
  • Identify Innovation Funding Option
  • Business Networking And Events
  • Deal Origination
  • Access To Pre Screened Deal
  • Efficient Deal Origination And Closure
  • Matching Investors With Entrepreneur Key Benefits
  • Access To Over 3000 potential businesses in Nigeria
  • Opportunity To Access Wide Range of Deals


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